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Check out this cute school poster from Japan that teaches kids about lesbian, gay, bisexual and asexual people. The “Who Will You Come To Like?” poster is part of a health series of educational materials.

According to ROYGBIV, the two blurbs at the top right say:

When young people reach puberty they often like other people this is called sexual attraction. Depending on who a person likes, this is their sexual orientation. Most are heterosexual, but people who are homosexual and bisexual are not altogether a small group. Sexual orientation is innate and it cannot be changed by intervention, so there is no need to change your preferences.


However, adolescence is a time when one generally discovers their sexual orientation. When it comes to understanding one’s sexual orientation, one should take as much time as is needed.

This version of the poster was put outside of the nurse’s office at Saitama Prefecture’s Sayama Keizai School of Economics.


I just want to point out that the title can also be translated as “I wonder who I’ll come to like?”, which makes it even CUTER, like exploring your sexuality is a fun adventure to look forward to!! this is the most adorable thing in the world

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Macoto takahashi

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Jaclyn Rehe


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selection of photos for the book I’m working on right now (by laurence philomene)

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by Kev Llewellyn

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Diane Guerrero, Dascha Polanco, Laura Gomez & Jackie Cruz for Cosmopolitan Latinas (Summer 2014)

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it’s been a while since i spent this long on a drawing

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tavi gevinson by petra collins for the ardorous 

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Heavenly Creatures, 1994.


The original lyrics for Heroes - David Bowie,1977

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